"Siberian Apiary" natural honey Taiga,  250 gr

GOST P 54644-2011

122.94 rubles

Collection of honey "Siberian Apiary"  is natural honey of "Premium" class, sipped in ecologically clean regions of Siberia.

Taiga honey is made of nectar from flowers of various herbs and plants, growing in the taiga of Eastern Siberia,  Transbaikal and Far East. Unlike other sorts of honey, it has dark brown coffee color and strong specific flavor.  

Natural honey GOST P 54644-2011

Nutrition value per 100 gr of the product:
fats - 0 gr, carbohydrates - 80.3 gr, proteins - 0.8 gr.  
Caloric content per 100 gr of the product:
308 kcal/1290 kJ.
It must be kept at the temperature not higher than 20'С.

Net weight: 250 gr.
Amount per package:  12
Total weight of the package: 5.7 kg
Period of storage: 24 months from the date of packing    

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